Empower children in the foster care system with athletic resources

Our Mission:


Empower children in the foster care system with athletic resources to positively impact their physical, physiological, and social well-being through community engagement.


Current Mission

Foster Care Athletic Fund's mission to create athletic programs and raise funds for children in the foster care system. We are beginning our mission in the Tampa area yet would love to expand regionally or nationally.  Our goal is to take away any barriers and give the children more of an opportunity towards organized athletics and athletic programs. By giving resources at their disposal, the faster they find joy and purpose.

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Our Impact

Our long-term vision is about assisting in the positive development of  foster children into responsible adults by giving them the means to contribute to each other and their community.  We want them to know that despite the challenges they face, they have the people behind them to help them build character and self-reliance that they can take throughout life.



 FUnds and Equipment Already Raised TO ASSIST these children through ATHLETIC programs




FOSTER CHILDREN ALREADY IMPACTED WITH THE creation of our baseball team, equipment and uniform donations and mentorship from our volunteer coaches




of our foster squad pOSITIVELY Impacted from the support of our sponsors



Our Features



Baseball, softball, soccer , football, field hockey and basketball are the top sports we'd like to focus on for our foster kids. The goal is to play competitively with other programs and junior recreational teams to promote teamwork and leadership.



We are seeking resources and volunteers to help in the construction of facilities for foster children in our communities.


We are looking to build a community of volunteers and mentors to help these children through coaching and leadership.  We are seeking volunteers who have a specific skill-set and would love to give back.



We want to provide field facilities to invite local schools and churches to interact with our kids and enjoy some friendly competition including an occasional picnic. 


February 2018

This organization has allowed me to finally become a catcher and "get behind the plate" with the opportunity to purchase catchers gear and work to fulfill my dream.  

Antonio  (10 year old BallPLayer)



February 2018

One thing I have quickly learned in living in this community is how many amazing children there are in our foster care system despite how sad and traumatic some of their stories are. The least I can do (and we can do) is support any cause that can directly impact their happiness, health and ongoing success in their lives. 

Mike V. / Founder



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The most important way to get involved is to give!  The Foster Care Athletic Fund's goal is to positively impact lives of foster children through athletic programs nationwide. 


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Help us raise our initial funds to fix a multi purpose field and allow our first Foster Care Baseball Team "The Owls"  a place to practice.